How to spice up things in bed?

parašė , 2017-12-05 14:46

Sex lifeAfter spending a lot of time with your significant other, there is a big chance that your sex life doesn’t excite you as much as it used to. However, there are some tricks that can help you to set your bed on fire again.

Tease them. While they’re at work, send them a dirty text or non-full body nudes. Get them excited to come home and see what’s waiting for them. This way they’ll come running from wherever they are at. It’s a great way to develop a playful energy between you and your partner.

Bring back the romance. Probably, when you first started dating, you were all over each other. That doesn’t mean that now the romance is dead (and if it is, rise it from the dead): go for couple’s massages or a candle light dinner, go on date nights.

Role-play. Taking on a new identity in the bedroom might sound a little weird at first, but it's actually really fun! Do whatever you want, be whoever you want – you are not you right now. You’re a firefighter, police officer or doctor. Also, changing your identity might help to explore the fantasies of your lover. Maybe he/she is into kinky stuff? Maybe he/she is an exhibitionist? You won’t know if you never try.

Shop in the “Adult” department. Buy some sex toys. Discuss with your partner, what might excite him/her. Too shy to try something provocative or kinky? Start from something very basic, for example, mini bullet vibrator, which will be a great pleasure for a lady. If you’re seeking for an adventure, look for some sexy underwear, costumes or even BDSM equipment. Why not to try it? The worst-case scenario – you and your significant other will have a great laugh about it.

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